Putting Wild Safaris at the top of the UNIQUE hunt experience is our specialist knowledge of the Wallaby. We can boast the ultimate Wallaby hunting, in New Zealand and the world.

Night shooting with Wild Safaris offers 3 to 5 hour trips by four wheel drive, into the Hunter Hills of Waimate, well known for it's plentiful supply of wild game - not just Wallaby, but also Opossum, Rabbit and Hare.
If the Bow is your weapon of choice we can accommodate you.
We also offer spotlighting (lamping) expeditions.

Age and ability are not a problem. We can cater for the experienced hunter, the keen novice and everyone in between. We offer ideal hunting for both the young and inexperienced, as you are guaranteed an animal. Game is plentiful and chances are unlimited.

In season we specialise in Duck shooting.
Beginning Feb 7th to 28th March with Paradise Duck and Canada Goose which are hunted in harvested grain fields, there is some great hunting to be had with normal bag limits of 15 on Paradise Duck and no limit on Canada Geese...a licence is required.

Our main season starts the 1st Saturday in May to 27th July shooting Gray Duck, Mallard, Shoveler Duck, Black Swan, Pukeko, and Canada Goose on locally accessible lakes and rivers.

Wallaby guaranteed.
Pig and Deer occasionally.
In season Duck and Goose hunting available.
All introduced species to New Zealand.

All game is wild, and therefore hunted under fair chase conditions.
Hunting: Group Maximum four hunters

Hunts are tailored to the game sought and priced accordingly, beginning at:

For a comprehensive quote on price, availablilty and group numbers please contact us directly.

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